Geopolitical events and

Geopolitical Events and Forex – The Ripple Effect.

Geopolitical events and forex form a complex nexus that significantly impacts global financial markets. The relationship between major geopolitical upheavals and the forex market is undeniably profound, influencing exchange rates, oil prices, and global economic stability.

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trading mistakes

How to Avoid Trading Mistakes

Navigating the complex trading world requires a deep understanding of the internal and external factors contributing to trading mistakes, including a lack of due diligence and risk management strategies.

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Rising Wedge Chart Pattern jpg

Rising Wedge Pattern: A Bearish Reversal Signal

he rising wedge pattern is a bearish chart formation after an uptrend. It is characterized by two converging trendlines, with both the support and resistance trendlines sloping upwards. However, the slope of the support line is usually steeper than that of the resistance line, leading to a convergence of the two lines over time.

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Abandoned Baby Candlestick Pattern

Abandoned Baby Candlestick Pattern Strategy

The Abandoned Baby is a distinctive three-candle reversal pattern that appears in candlestick charts. The formation of this pattern requires a specific set of price movements, making it relatively rare yet exceptionally reliable when it does occur.

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Tweezer Top Pattern

Tweezer Tops Pattern Strategy

Tweezer Tops is a bearish reversal pattern observed in an uptrend. It’s characterized by two consecutive Japanese candlestick patterns with matching tops. These matching tops are usually the shadows (or wicks) but can also be the body of the candles. T

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