Daily Perspective – 08/01/2019

As we get settled into our trading desks, take a look at core price levels to look out for today.


After testing the R38 Resistance level the pair is looking at some reversal, a consensus on the opening of the US Government could drive prices below the S100 Resistance level.
If the drop reversal is just a correction, the prices will shoot further higher towards the R100 Resistance level.


The Pound has benefited greatly from the uncertainty of the US also due to the muted Brexit debate. As it comes to focus now we should be seeing the Pound starting a fall, for today’s trading a likely fall to S100 is possible.

If the bulls push on we should see the Pound strengthening further to the R138 level.


The JPY has weakened against the pound fully recovering from the pre-crash of 3rd January. There is a likelihood that price will go higher towards R200 resistance level.

A strengthening of the yen would likely drive prices lower to S100 support level.


The pair is still bearish, prices may go further to S200 support levels. A correction though should be expected, pushing prices to to R38 before a possible reversal.

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