GBPUSD Daily Forex forecast – April 7, 2020

The market has not seen a lot of action as investors wait-and-see governments’ response to, and the overall impact of COVID-19.

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If you are trading, here is a look at our GBPUSD daily forecasts for today, April 7. 2020.

Directional bias.

Price has been drawn to the weekly pivot 1.2299.

While it is still below the pivot I will be looking for sell opportunities targeting exits at various support levels.

Alternative scenario

If price goes above the weekly pivot – see the white line – buy opportunities should be sought.

Target the various resistance levels for exits.

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Final thoughts.

You can never know where the market is headed, so exercise extreme caution as you trade.

Only play when you are aware of the risks and adequately planned for them.

Forex brokers are cutting down leverage while widening their spreads due to the market conditions, so stay alert and trade with caution.

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