The5ers Review: Navigating One of the Best Prop Trading Firms

The5ers, without a doubt, is among the top prop trading firms. Their unique blend of programs, supportive community, and genuine commitment to helping traders grow is commendable

Criteria The5ers
Maximum Funding$75000
Profit Split70%
Trading Challenge3-Stage Process
Verification PhaseYes
Maximum Drawdown10%
Evaluation Fee200
Trading PlatformsMT4, MT5, cTrader
Customer SupportYes

Have you heard of The5ers? If not, and you’re a budding Forex trader or an experienced one seeking new opportunities, this might be your next best stop.

In a market dominated by numerous prop trading firms, The5ers stand out, and not without reason. So, in the vast ocean of trading prop firms, is The5ers truly among the best prop trading firms?

Let’s delve deep!

Who are The5ers?

The5ers is an evolution of a trader’s dream: gaining access to significant capital for trading. Founded by Gil Ben Hur, an experienced Forex trader since 2007, it was on the scene long before most of the top prop trading firms.

The5ers provides traders with career-enhancing opportunities via its funding and growth program. A company with roots in the traders’ community, it focuses on fostering and nurturing talent from around the globe.

PROS AND CONS of The5ers


  • Best and most aggressive scaling programs.
  • Trade up to 4 million in funds.
  • It is one of the best programs for traders looking for long-term growth.
  • Most features, especially on the high stakes and Bootcamp, are designed to discourage risky trading.
  • Bootcamp allows traders to try the challenge at a low cost and then only pay if they pass the challenges.


  • Stringent rules and performance metrics to meet.
  • Certain programs encourage high-risk trading.

The5ers Funding Program

The5ers has three unique Programs; Bootcamp Program, High Stakes Challenge, and Hyper Growth Program. Each has a set of rules that define them;

Let’s get right into each.

Boot Camp Program

This is the proving ground. A low-cost entry program designed to test a trader’s consistency and discipline. With two options, the $100k and $250k Boot Camp. Entry cost for $100K – $95 and $250K – $225. You could start with any.

It’s a 3-stage challenge where traders start with a demo to display their skills. Once you finish these challenges, you start receiving payouts.

Challenges Bootcamp Program

When you start the ‘live’ trading, you will get a 75/25 payout ratio not until $2M before it is increased.

Bootcamp program payout Ratio

Key Notes of Boot Cam Program

  • Leverage 1:10
  • 3 challenge phases
  • No minimum days or trades requirements.
  • News trading is allowed
  • During the Challenge stages, each level will be accessible up to 48 hours after completing the previous level
  • Holding open trades overnight and over the weekend is allowed
  • Maximum number of active accounts per trader: 3 ( one $250K account + two $100K accounts). Each account must have a different trading method.

High Stakes Challenge

For the daring and confident, this program is high-risk-high-reward. Traders need to exhibit their skills over a 2-step evaluation process to get funded.

With the highest split in the industry, potential monthly salaries, and the highest leverage among all programs, it’s a tempting proposition for seasoned traders. But beware! High risk can also mean a low passing rate.

High Stakes Evaluation Process

Scaling Plan for High Stakes Program

For every 10% profit generated on the funded account, the account balance and profit split will be increased.

From $5k to $174k, profit payout is 80%

From $175k to $249k, profit payout increases to 85%

From $250k to $345k, profit payout is 90%

From 350k to $499k, profit payout is 100% + $4,000 monthly salary

From $500k, profit payout is 100% + $10,000 monthly salary

Key Notes of the High Stakes Program

  • High leverage at 1:100.
  • Holding trades overnight and over the weekend is allowed
  • Holding open trades over the news is allowed. Executing orders 2 minutes before until 2 minutes after high-impact news news is not allowed.
  • Profit split: 80% to 100%. + monthly salary.
  • Holding indices over the weekend is allowed but carries a high swap.
  • Maximum number of active accounts per trader: 1X $5K account + 1X any other account.
  • Scaling up to $500,000
  • First payout 14 days after receiving a funded account, and every 2 weeks after that.
  • Inactivity leads to account expiration after 14 days.

Craving some pips? Satisfy your trading desires

Hyper Growth Program

Possibly the crown jewel of The5ers’ offerings, the Hyper Growth Program is designed for everyone. A relaxed program with almost no time pressure, it gives traders a chance to grow their accounts up to a staggering $4M. This is the Instant Funding Program.

NO CHALLENGES…. Straight to the real money

Hyper growth Program 5ers

Key Notes of Hyper-Growth Program

  • Grow your account up to $4M and keep 100% of the profits.
  • Doubling account value at every 10% growth.
  • Withdraw profits from the first objective
  • The leverage is set to 1:30
  • Inactive accounts for more than 14 days calendar days will expire.

Which Program is to your Liking? Boot Camp Program, High Stakes Challenge, or the Instant Funding Program? Share your thoughts.

How to Get Funded by The5ers?

  1. Choose a Program; Bootcamp Program, High Stakes Program, Hyper Growth Program.
  2. Pay the entry cost.
  3. Adhere to terms and conditions of trading, specified Trading conditions, and leverage requirements with The5ers.
  4. Complete each challenge or evaluation you paid for

Note: Trading with The5ers involves real money from day one after passing the evaluation, and the trader is offered both initial capital and a share of the profits. The specific conditions, capital levels, and benefits vary by the program chosen.

I am Funded by The5ers

certificate for joshua jpg

How to withdraw profits from The5ers?

It’s quite simple, actually.

Go to The5ers traders Dashboard and tap on the ‘Profit Payout‘ Button

Final Thoughts

The5ers, without a doubt, is among the top prop trading firms. Their unique blend of programs, supportive community, and genuine commitment to helping traders grow is commendable.

For those seeking a stock trading prop firm with a difference, The5ers might just be the key to unlocking their trading potential. But as always, due diligence is essential. Ensure you understand the rules, requirements, and potential rewards before jumping in.

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