setting and achieving trading goals

Setting and achieving trading goals: How to set realistic and achievable trading goals and stay motivated and focused on achieving them.

As an aspiring trader, setting and achieving trading goals is essential to success. With these goals, you can stay motivated and focused on your goals. This blog article will discuss why you should set trading goals, the types of trading goals, how to set realistic trading goals, and strategies for achieving them. We’ll also provide … Read more

Sleep Your Way To Peak Trading Performance.

How Sleep Affects A Trader – 9 Ways To Fix It

We don’t think much about it, but do you know how sleep affects a trader? We talk candlesticks, patterns, strategies, brokers, trading psychology, and seldom basics that influence performance like relationships, exercise, sleep, health, and diet. Could there be a relationship between these aspects of life with trading performance? Why getting enough sleep is important … Read more