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TheTraderInYou now welcomes guest posts.

We are in this together. And we’ll gladly publish articles that help our audience become disciplined and successful traders while helping you get exposure.


The type of content we’re looking for

Our promise to readers is to help them become disciplined and successful traders

We are therefore looking for content in the form of posts, infographics, resources that further this cause.

Some fine details:

    •     List posts, strategies, setups, quick how-to posts.
    •     The content needs to be original. As in, never before published anywhere else.
    •     You must own rights to the content you submit – it is costly to violate copyright laws.


Requirements for articles


    • 600+ words.
    • If you can provide images to accompany your article – you can get free copyright-free images from pixabay.com, unsplash.com, pexels.com, canva.com, among others.
    • Provide real-life examples to strengthen your argument. If you are article is about technical analysis, provide annotated charts.
    • Organize your article with headings and subheadings.
    • Link to relevant and high DA websites you cite in your posts.
    • You get two links – one in the content and the other in the bio. And, yes, you can link to your affiliate products.
    • Submit a by-line/bio along with the article.


Note. We retain the copyright of every post published on our site.

Once published, you cannot republish your article elsewhere, including your site. But, you can refer and link to it.


How long before articles are published.

It depends.

If we accept the article, we publish it within 14 days. If it is great within 48 hours.


How to get started.

  • Please send your article to [email protected] or send us 2-3 headline or article ideas.
  • Let us know what value readers will find in your article.
  • Also, include 2 – 5 links to your previous work, if any.


We’ll review them and get back to you.