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Hey, Joshua here.

Welcome to TheTraderInYou.

If you are like most traders, realizing the consistently profitable trader in you is an elusive and mean feat.

I know and I understand the battle to become a successful trader.

A battle that not even my University Economics education could help.

I, like many other traders, in our aspiration to success, have lost a fair share of shirts and hair (literary for me) to the markets – yet we persist each trading day like sheep led to the slaughter hoping that one day the gods will smile on us.

Trade long enough, and you will know neither hope nor the gods will make you a successful trader.

Yet, within you is the disciplined trader you want to be.

In this blog, I and a bunch of seasoned traders share hard-learned thoughts, best practices, resources, and tools we’ve picked up over the years trading that will make you a better trader.

If you want it so bad, if you put in the effort, then you are on your way to mastering the trader in you.

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