Expanding Triangle Chart Pattern

Expanding Triangles – Trading Strategy

An expanding triangle is a unique triangle pattern that differs from other triangle patterns such as the symmetrical, ascending, and descending triangles. While the other triangle patterns have converging lines, the expanding triangle has diverging lines. This divergence leads to wider price swings, higher highs, and lower lows, ultimately resulting in increased volatility.

Triangle Chart Pattern

Triangle Chart Patterns: What they are, How they work, Different Types

Triangle chart patterns are formed when the price of a security moves into a narrower and narrower range over time. This narrowing range is a visual representation of a battle between bulls and bears in the market. The triangular shape is created by drawing two trendlines – an upper trendline connecting the highs and a lower trendline connecting the lows.

Pennant Chart Pattern jpeg

Understanding the Pennant Pattern in Forex Trading.

A pennant pattern is a continuation chart pattern that appears after a significant price move in the forex market. It is characterized by a sharp upward or downward movement, a brief consolidation period, and a resumption of the original trend.

Flag Pattern

Understanding Flag Patterns in Technical Analysis

Flag patterns are characterized by a period of consolidation that occurs after a strong trending move, known as the mast or pole of the flag. During this consolidation phase, the asset’s price is contained within two parallel trendlines closely sloped against the mast.

Diamond Chart Patterns

Diamond Chart Patterns Strategy

Diamond chart patterns are technical analysis patterns that indicate potential trend reversals in the financial markets. These patterns form on price charts and resemble the shape of a diamond.

Rounding Tops and Bottoms Pattern jpeg

Rounding Tops and Bottoms Pattern Strategy in Technical Analysis.

Rounding tops and bottoms are chart patterns that signify potential reversals in the price trend. A rounding bottom, also known as a saucer or a ‘U’ formation, appears as a gradual increase in price over time, indicating the end of a downtrend and the potential start of an uptrend.

Deliberation Candlestick Pattern

Deliberation Pattern Strategy

The Deliberation pattern is a three-line bearish reversal candlestick formation. It is formed by three green candles, each with specific criteria. The first and second candles of the pattern have long bodies, indicating significant upward momentum.