Funding Pips Review; Is This the Top Prop Trading Firm?

If you're on the lookout for one of the best prop trading firms that genuinely values and understands traders, Funding Pips should be on your radar

Criteria Funding Pips
Maximum Funding$$100K
Profit Split90%%
Trading ChallengeTwo Step Challenge
Verification PhaseStudent Phase-1
Maximum Drawdown5%
Evaluation Fee$32 (5k Account)
Trading PlatformsArray
Customer SupportArray

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Proprietary trading firms have grown exponentially in recent years, leading to an influx of choices for aspiring traders. Among the top prop trading firms, one name that often resonates with professionals is Funding Pips.

You want to know what makes it different from other stock trading prop firms? We shall give you just that.

Who are Funding Pips?

Funding Pips is a prop trading firm based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, spearheaded by Khaled, who serves as its CEO. The company, built with the motto “By Traders For Traders“, emphasizes that traders can bring their trading ideas while the firm manages the risk.

As one of the highest-paying prop firms, Funding Pips ensures traders receive their deserved share with a timely payout system. An 80% profit split is applied for regular payouts, but for those who achieve the coveted ‘Hot Seat’ status, a whopping 90% split awaits.


  • High funding
  • Low-Cost Fees on the Accounts
  • Generous profit split
  • Holding over weekends & news trading
  • Refunds of Fees
  • Competitive scaling plan for successful traders
  • Opportunity to merge multiple Master/Funded accounts
  • Regular payout schedules.


  • One Trading Platform
  • Stop Loss on every Master account trade within 60 seconds
  • Automated system closes trades around high-impact news events

What does Funding Pips offer?

Funding Pips subscribe to the belief that traders journey through three stages in their professional lifecycle: Student, Practitioner, and Master. The firm has molded its evaluation and funding process around these stages, offering traders a clear pathway to trading up to a remarkable $400,000. With Funding Pips taking on the risk, traders can confidently focus on executing their strategies, enjoying up to 90% of the profit.

EValuation for Funding Pips

The Path to Funding with Funding Pips

  • Buy Challenge; Buy the first challenge – Phase I (Student)
  • Follow the trading rules in each stage.
  • Move on to the second Phase (Practioner).
  • After phase II (Practioner), your entire evaluation process will be reviewed. Review will be done in 2days.
  • Get Funded (Master). Once you are verified from Phase II, you move on to the live trades.

Funding Pips Program

Designed with a trader-first approach, Funding Pips emphasizes discipline, patience, and consistency. Their evaluation process is divided into:

  1. The Student Phase (Phase I): A testing ground for traders’ skills. Here, a profit target of 8% is expected without any rule breaches.
Lowest Account Size Phase 1
Highest Account for Funding Pips
Highest Account Size Phase 1

You can only unlock to Phase II; which includes their offers and challenges after you have finished Phase I

2. The Practitioner Phase (Phase II): This phase reaffirms results from Phase I, where traders target a 5% profit.

This is the verification stage. Then off you go to get Paid for your trading skills.

Let’s make this easy

CriteriaFunding Pips
Maximum Funding $100,000
Profit Share80% (Trader) 20% (Funding Pips)
Trading ProgramTwo Step Challenge
Evaluation Fee (smallest account size)$32 (5k Account)
Maximum Drawdown5%
Trading PlatformMT5
Broker BlackBull Markets
Trading InstrumentsForex pairs, Commodities, Indices, cryptocurrencies
Contact InfoEmail
NOTE: Refund of fees is only after you pass both evaluation phases

Skilled traders are duly rewarded. Funding Pips’ scaling plan is one of the most competitive in the industry.

In the first month itself, traders can witness a 10% increase based on their initial balance.

By the fourth month, the perks intensify, solidifying Funding Pips’ reputation among the largest prop trading firms

Funding Pips Customer Reviews

Funding Pips has great feedback from its users. You can find more of this on Trustpilot.

Review on Trustpilot Funding Pips

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In the realm of proprietary trading firms, Funding Pips stands tall. Their unique approach to trader evolution, combined with a robust platform and flexible rules, makes them a top choice for both novice and veteran traders.

Their commitment to fostering trader growth, encapsulated by the slogan “YOUR IDEAS, OUR RISK”, showcases their dedication to their trader community.

If you’re on the lookout for one of the best prop trading firms that genuinely values and understands traders, Funding Pips should be on your radar.

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