MyFundedFx Review: Scaling New Heights Among the Best Prop Trading Firms in 2024

If you're a trader with the skill and discipline looking to break boundaries, MyFundedFx could very well be your launchpad.

Criteria myFundedFx
Maximum Funding$$1.5M
Profit Split80% (Trader) / 20% (MyFundedFx)%
Trading ChallengeYes
Verification PhaseYes
Maximum Drawdown6%
Evaluation Fee$100 (for $10,000 Account)
Trading PlatformsArray
Customer SupportArray

Are you a forex trader? Can you prove your skills? Or maybe you are in need of some capital? We may have just found the prop trading firm just for you.

Having access to ample capital is a dream for many. You can be one of the lucky ones.

MyFundedFx, founded by Matthew Leech, stands out as one of the top prop trading firms offering traders not just access to capital but an opportunity to prove themselves and grow exponentially.

What is MyFundedFx?

MyFundedFx is among the highest-paying prop firms, aiming to bridge the gap between potential forex traders and the much-needed capital. By creating a challenging platform, they ensure that only the best and the most disciplined traders get the funding they deserve.

Path to Funding by MyFundedFx?

  • Sign up for MyFundedFx.
  • Login to MyFundedFx dashboard.
  • Start the 1st challenge. Prove you have the skills.
  • Get Verified. After the first challenge, keep consistent and get verified.
  • Get a live sim (Now a funded trader). After successfully going through the challenges, you are now given a live account. Trading real money with an 80% profit split.

How Does it Work?

The MyFundedFx journey is broken down into three crucial phases:

  1. Trading Challenge Phase: A stage to showcase your trading skills by hitting the minimum profit target. Break any rule, and you’re out.
  2. Verification Phase: A test of consistency. Prove that your success in the challenge wasn’t just a fluke.
  3. MyFundedFX Trader: The final stage is where the trader gets to handle live simulated accounts, provided they don’t hit the loss limits.
Step 1 myfunded fx 1
step 2 myfundedfx 1
Live Account

How do you get funding with MyFundedFx?

Upon entering the MyFundedFx ecosystem, traders go through a structured evaluation, either a 1-step or 2-step process, which includes the MyFundedFx Challenge and the Verification. The fees for the evaluations vary, starting from $50 for a $5,000 account size to $950 for a $200,000 account.

Maximum Funding$300,000
Profit Split80% (Trader) / 20% (MyFundedFx)
Trading Challenge Yes
Verification PhaseYes
Maximum Drawdown6%
Evaluation Fee$100 (for $10,000 Account)
Trading PlatformsMT4, MT5
Customer SupportSocial Media, Email

Ready to Plunge into Uncharted Profits?

Sign up and Choose the challenge that suits you best

There’s More

Got ambition? MyFundedFx hears you. You can prove your mettle and boost your account’s initial balance by 25%. And this isn’t a one-off; every 3 months, you get the chance to scale, with the sky being the limit set at $1.5 million or 5X initial balance.

That’s the kind of growth any traders only dream of.

Oh, and the cherry on top? The VIP Program. Designed for traders who aren’t just good but exceptional, MyFundedFx rolls out the red carpet, offering even more perks and benefits for those who truly stand out. It’s not just about trading; it’s about being recognized for being the best of the best.

Still not convinced? Check out MyFundedFx Reviews on TrustPilot.



  • Flexibility in trading style
  • Generous capital access
  • No limitations on trading days
  • Scaling plan
  • Broad instrument selection
  • Refundable one-time fee


  • Restricts certain countries
  • Evaluation Fee

My Final Thoughts on MyFundedFx

For those seeking a genuine prop firm review, this is it. MyFundedFx is undeniably one of the best prop trading firms, focusing on nurturing and growing potential traders. While they have their restrictions and rigorous processes, it’s all in the name of ensuring quality and discipline. If you’re a trader with the skill and discipline looking to break boundaries, MyFundedFx could very well be your launchpad.

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