Forex Rebates

Forex rebates commissions.

Get cashback on all your forex trades paid daily or weekly or monthly directly to you trading account or to mobile money or to your bank.

What are forex rebates?

A forex rebate is a commission you receive from a forex broker for each trade. The rebate can be in the form of cashback or reduced spreads.

How do forex rebates work?

When you open a trading account using our links, forex brokers pay us a commission for each trade you place.

The commission is between $0.03 – $78, depending on the broker and trading instrument.

If you join our forex rebate program, we share the commissions with you.

For each trade you make, we will give you cashback.

It is the money your forex broker charges you in spreads and commissions.

With our forex trading rebates service, you earn whether your trade is a profit or a loss. It’s your money anyway.

In case you are wondering, forex rebates don’t affect your current trading conditions. Therefore, your spreads will stay the same, so will the commissions on ECN accounts.

What forex rebates only do is help you get back some of the money your spend on spreads and commissions.

Ideally, forex rebates work by lowering your trading costs.

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How Much Money Can I Make with Forex rebates?

How much you earn from forex rebates ultimately depends on you. The more you trade, the more you make.

But, the amount of money you make from each trade depends on your forex broker and the trading instrument.

Note: Most forex brokers are against churning trades for the sake of earning rebates. Some only pay us for trades held over 5 minutes, or trades closed at least 5pips from the opening price.

The disadvantage of forex rebates.

The disadvantage of forex rebates is that some traders overtrade to earn rebates.

Do not trade to earn rebates.

Remember, we are only paid from your trading costs, not from your profits or losses. The more you trade, the more you risk your account.

So, trade as you usually do. That way, you make most of your money from trading, and rebates only help you redeem some of your trading costs in spreads and commissions.

What you make from forex rebates depends on your broker’s rebate rate, the instruments you trade, and the volume of your trades.

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How do I get my forex rebates?

There are several ways you can get your forex rebates.



Reduced Spreads and commissions


Deposits to your trading account (Exness and Hotforex)


Chipper Cash


Mobile Money & M-Pesa




Bank Wire



Note: Minimum payout for Chipper cash, Mobile Money, and PayPal is $30 and $100 for Bank Wire Transfer.

Except for direct deposits to your trading account, all other payment methods attract withdrawal charges.

How to Join our Forex Rebate Program.

Right now, we support XM, Exness, and Hotforex. As we build our automated forex rebate platform, we shall keep adding forex brokers to the list.

For XM and Exness, you will need to open a new trading account using our links below. If you already have an account use a different email address.

Click here to open a trading account with Exness

Click here to open a trading account with XM


If you don’t have an account, Click here to open an account with Hotforex

If you have a verified account with Hotforex, create a new trading account in your dashboard and add our IB number – 192941

Here is how;

Login to your Hotforex account.

In the dashboard, under My Trading Accounts, click Open New Trading account to create a new account.

hotforex open another account

Choose your account type, and then under Introducing Broker ID (Complete in case you have been referred by an HF Partner), enter 192941

hotforex rebates

Once you have opened an account, send your account number and payment details to [email protected]

Deposit, trade, and earn on each trade.

Email your account number to [email protected]